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You won't want to miss the Stone Foundation's 18th Stonework Symposium! Download the program guide here.
“Stones are strong in compression, but weak in tension,” writes Brian Post, DSWA Master Craftsman, in this very informative article
A throughstone is, as its name suggests, a stone which completely traverses the width of a wall. Its function being
JOE JOHONNESS (New York) — Joe has been building dry stone projects in the Sullivan County, NY area since 2017.
 UPCOMING EVENTS! Crêpe Nights are back! July 13th with River Gallery School -August 10th with the Stone Trust - September
Our friend Stefan van Norden discovers compelling stories about people connecting themselves and others to the natural world in which
HELP WANTED - Waller Positions Available , July 15, 2022- INSTRUCTORS IN DESIGN AND FABRICATION WITH STONE The Central Vermont
Feathers and Wedges remain some of our most popular tools and are available in three sizes.  In this detailed video

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