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Many thanks to Tom Kirschner for contributing this article. A few weeks ago my wife and I reluctantly returned from
A propos of our friend's reminder about Robert Frost's "Mending Wall," Robert M. Thorson chose lines from Frost's poem "A
Dan joined the Board of the Stone Trust in January 2020 after several years of working closely with TST to
In the Autumn 2010 issue of Masterclass by Sean Adcock, he continues the topic of Corbelling starting with "Last time
LUKE BONANG (Vermont) grew up in the mountains of southern Vermont where he became naturally familiar working with his hands
JARED GRANT (Maine) began building stone walls in 2000, and now owns and operates Shangri-La Stoneworks. The majority of his
Brian Post shows what can be done with a Rebit PKM 25 Point when shaping stone. The video shows a

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