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Photos of May 2016 Events including the Two-Day Level 1 workshop, The Irish and Scottish wall workshop, Test Days, and
Free-Hand Walling: Building without hammer or line. Volunteer Day May 15th 9am to 4pm Wilder Cemetery in Dummerston VT With
he wallhead and the curve are two of the most demanding single elements in stone work. Demanding both in terms
Our 2nd annual women's workshop was huge success on Saturday April 30th. Kim Coggin from Johnstown PA and Jo Hodgson
The Dry Stone Walling workshop in Mahwah NJ was a huge success with 30 participants building over 300 sq ft
Nick Aitken is one of the people in the world of dry stone walling you will want to meet. He
Come join The Stone Trust in an Evening of presentations about Dry Stone Walls. Here is the itinerary (subject to
The Galloway dyke and the Feidin wall are examples of build styles which use the available stone to best effect.
Kim Coggin, the United States' first DSWA-GB Certified Level 2 Women Waller and instructor reflects on her journey and joy
Did you know there are actually 3 different dry stone walling types that are all considered as good building practices?

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