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Here at The Stone Trust we see a lot of level 2 test candidates struggle with passing.  Level 2 is
Have a crew that needs training?  Or a group of friends looking to learn walling together?  The Stone Trust can
Our annual May 2 day workshop and test day grew dramatically this year.  Nearly 30 wallers came from as far away
This past spring we modified our one day workshops to cater directly to different members of the walling community. A
Brian Post, Stone Trust Board Member since 2012 and President since 2013 has switched roles and has now taken on the
We have just discovered that our phone system was not working properly and that many calls were not answered and messages
Up to 16 participants. Lead Instructor: Michael Murphy, with Torbin Larson. This workshop is an excellent introduction to dry stone
The Stone Trust's popular fall one-day workshops are happening once again! This workshop will be taught by a DSWA Certified
Our spring test day just about filled in mid February and we had so many more people who wanted to
Our May 11th 2015 Test day filled up fast.  We are working to add an additional day, please check back

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