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Sat-Sun. Sept 13th-14th, 2014. Lead instructor DSWA Certified Master Craftsman Chris Tanguay will be instructing. Dutton Farm Wall, Dummerston, VT.
Sat. April 5, 2014 At The Stone Trust Center, Dummerston VT. DSWA Certified Instructors Brian Post and Michael Weitzner. 12
Sat. March 8th, 2014 At The Stone Trust Center,  Dummerston, VT. Instructor:  Brian Post 8 participants rebuilt 4 level 1
5 Level I - Initial candidates 5 Level II - Intermediate candidates EVERYONE PASSED!!! Examined by Dan Snow and Michael
Instructor:  Brian Post Accomplishments:  8 Participants rebuilt walls in The Stone Trust Center Photo by Dan Snow
Kevin Gardner gave an excellent lecture on the history of dry stone walls in New England
Sun. June 15th, 2014. DSWA certified Instructors. At The Stone Trust Center, Dummerston, VT. Get out of the sun and bugs
Monday May 12th. 2014 At The Stone Trust Center, Dummerston VT. All test Levels.  DSWA Examiners Dan Snow and Chris
Saturday - Sunday May 10-11th Dutton Farm Road Dummerston VT. DSWA Certified Instructors will include master craftsman Chris Tanguay. Read
The Stone Trust convened its first indoor Workshop on Sunday, May 6, at The Stone Trust Center, in Dummerston, VT.

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