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Semya Stone

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Company Name: Semya Stone
Address: New Hampshire
Phone: (603) 835-2900
Email: [email protected]

Business Information

Business Tag Line:  Provider of natural building stone. Borrowing beauty from the mountains.

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Business Description:   Semya Stone owns one of the largest building stone quarries in New Hampshire. We provide a high quality stone product that will last generations from a zero waste mine located in rural New Hampshire. Formerly owners of Allstone Corp, we pride ourselves on making the most of our beautiful, non-renewable resource. We have proudly provided stone products and jobs for 25 years. Family owned and operated, we will continue to do our best to respectfully share our beautiful stone resources with as many customers as possible. From wholesale dealers, to homeowners, Semya has the stone for your project, big or small.


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New Hampshire

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States: New Hampshire

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