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Curiosity, teamwork, and energy results in an even better dry stone wall!

Four eager participants from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia attended our women’s workshop this past Saturday.  One of the participants has been wanting to take a workshop since the 2020 pandemic year!

It was a wonderful day, slightly overcast with periods of sunshine.  Great conditions for an outdoor workshop.

After introductions and a brief overview of the days activities, the ladies made quick work of disassembling their wall.  They were all quick studies and quite inquisitive which made for a great dynamic.

The way they interacted as a team further enhanced the experience, resulting in a rebuilt wall that was much improved in many areas and aspects.

We would like to invite everyone to consider attending a dry stone workshop, a truly enjoyable and enlightening experience for all.

Master Craftsman Dan Snow once said, “It’s not a gender specific craft, it’s a people’s craft.”

Thanks very much to all of you for making the trip to the Stone Trust Pennsylvania!

And thank you, Kim Coggin, for using your commitment and expertise to develop the site, teach what you know, and recount the workshop experience.