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Setting up Batter Boards

Brian Post shows how our exclusive batter boards can be used to quickly set up sturdy batter frames for dry stone walling.

Brian finds these frames are versatile, durable and can provide a great degree of great accuracy as well.  They need less tools to set up than wood frames and have multiple settings.

As of April 16, 2020, The Stone Trust has a large inventory of these batterframes intended for sale at spring workshops.  We are still shipping tools, so place your order, and get set up for you next wall, while also helping the Stone Trust manage its tight cash flow at this time of Covid 19.

You can also try out these batter frames in many of our workshops, particularly the 1.20 Two-day introductory workshops and our batter frame and string line workshop (next offered in 2021).

The batter boards used in this video are available at  They are $70 each or $195 for a set of 3, and there is 10% off for all Stone Trust Members (use your member discount code).

Batter boards, set of 3
Batter board - hardware assembled
There are many types of batter frames, but building wood frames takes time and tools, and they are less versatile.
Batter boards in use