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Spring Certification Test Day! (May 3, 2019)

May 3rd 2019 brought another DSWA-GB Certification Test day to the Stone Trust.  With 10 initial level tests, 4 intermediate level tests, and 1 advanced part A test to mark, it was a busy day for examiners Chris Tanguay, Michael Weitzner.  The initial level candidates all passed, and many showed excellent quality, greatly improving the wall that was there previously.

The intermediate test once again showed its difficulty as a professional level certification.  Despite some good showings and completed test stints, the finished work fell just shy of the quality needed for a level II pass.  We are looking forward to these wallers coming back to try again soon.

An excellent part feature wall is now built in the barn and that test candidate will be looking forward to completing part B in September.

Of note, 4 employees of Belknap Landscape Co Inc, attained their Level 1 certification, make that the most number of people from one company to gain certification at the same test at The Stone Trust.

Thank you to everyone who participated.