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Spring Workshops are filling Fast!

Building dry stone wall

Don’t miss your opportunity to come to a workshop at The Stone Trust.  Registrations are coming in every day and some spring workshops are already full or nearly so.   Fortunately we have a big line up of workshops, and there is something for everyone and room to register!

This year our spring Contractors Workshop on March 31st is already full, and we doubled the capacity of that workshop from last year.

The Two Day Level 1 workshop May 14th and 15th is also now full.   Soon to fill will be the Introductory Workshop on April 23rd.  There are just a few spots left.

Nearly all of the spring workshops nearing 1/2 full so don’t delay in signing up!  We are getting new registrations every day.

We now have over 100 registrations for workshops taking place between now and June.  This is Huge!  For historical comparison we had 125 for all of 2015.  Come be part of The Stone Trust!

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