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Steps & Stairs: April 19, 2021 (VT)

It’s rare that the Stone Trust is able to host a workshop with two participants, but that’s what took place at the Steps & Stairs workshop on April 19. To accommodate social distance, we have cut class spots in half and scheduled workshops back to back. Sometimes that works with people’s schedules, other times it doesn’t.

On this occasion, two people who had come to learn multiple aspects of dry stone walling and stone work during our April Medley weekend worked with instructor Michael Weitzner to build steps that are stable, durable, and safe to use. They learned how to plan and lay out a stairway, create a solid and stable base, and ensure proper drainage. They went home knowing how to choose appropriate tools, move large stones safely and efficiently, and manage a project site safely and efficiently. They even did some stone shaping!

Monday April 19 was the one really beautiful day of our early spring collection of workshops. Serendipitous for the folks who came to build steps & stairs! Thanks for coming!