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Planning, laying out, and building solid, stable steps and stairs

Thanks very much to the two hardy souls who traveled so far (from the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest) to learn a full set of stone work skills at our Summer Medley Weekend! You endured the deluge on day one, and again on the morning of day four, the Steps & Stairs workshop. Throughout you maintained patience, good humor, and appreciation for the quality of instruction and experience. How great that the rain stopped on your last day with us at The Stone Trust Center in Dummerston, Vermont!

You expressed confidence that you can use what you learned to build steps that are stable, durable, and safe to use. You can plan and lay out a stairway, having considered drainage issues, when to use fabric, how to choose tools and move large stones, and how to work safely and efficiently. Instructor Michael Weitzner agrees with you that everything went well. Glad you all enjoyed the day!

Next Medley Weekend: October 21 through 24, The Stone Trust at Broad View Farm, Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.