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A Day of Honing Stone Shaping Skills (June 17, 2018)

Starting with quarried material, and some boulders from the site, participants in this workshop honed their skills in breaking and splitting large stone, as well as chisel and hammer techniques for refined shaping. A major focus was dressing voussoirs (tapered stones forming the arch) for use in the arched bridge.  Over the course of the workshop day about 1/4 of the voussoirs, were made and 1/2 of the springers (angled blocks which support the arch on each side) were roughly split.  The techniques learned and used can be applied to many types of stone and projects, and can easily be applied to just about any stonework project.

There were also lots of discussions about the design and engineering of a stone arch bridge, and this one in particular.

This workshop was taught by certified instructors Brian Post and Pete Ryder.