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Familiar Faces Return to Learn Stone Shaping in Minnesota

The Stone Trust MN welcomed three familiar faces to the stone shaping workshop at the beginning of July. Two participants returned to add to what they learned in introduction and cheek end workshops. They wanted to learn more about the tools and stone they have been building with.  One participant came to the workshop having met instructor Dan Peterson at the Stone Symposium in Santa Fe last year. He has also invited Dan to be a guest lecturer at Iowa State, where he teaches architecture. The connections between the dry stone walling world and the landscape and architecture worlds increasingly overlap.

Instructor Dan Peterson wrote:

It was a great day for the stone shaping workshop held in Minnesota this weekend.  The weather was pleasant with temps in the low 80’s, and the wind held off which was a change from previous workshops. We had returning participants who started the journey of working with hammers, drills, grinders, chisels, feathers and wedges to shape a variety of regional igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic stones.  The great thing was we were able to make a fair number of newly shaped slabs of granite and limestone that can be used for future cheek end workshops!  Also, halfway through the workshop we had the resident fox rummage through the stone piles chasing down gophers.

As always a huge thank you to Chris Gagnon and the staff at Northland Landscape for allowing the Stone Trust to use their site.

Thanks to everyone for making the trip! And special thanks to Dan for sharing his extensive knowledge.