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Intro to Stone Shaping: October 16, 2020

In anticipation of heavy rain, instructors Brian Post and Seth Harris set up tents for the Stone Shaping workshop. The morning got off to a good start, with experienced and enthusiastic students all of whom were here to learn what one woman described as “how to take the nubs off rocks that don’t make them fit.” This class of students included people back for their third and fourth workshops, moving through the Fundamentals classes in our Curriculum in Dry Stone.

Whether students intend to shape their stones to improve the fit and finish of the freestanding and retaining walls they are lovingly crafting into their landscapes, they envision landscape art a la “Andy Goldsworthy, Lou French, or Dan Snow” (as the sculptor in the group said), or they intend to apply their enhanced skill in professional projects, all came to refine their tool techniques. Strong points in the workshop: concepts, demos, personal instruction, and hands-on use with tools.

The rain came hard as the day wore on. An instructor commented, “Rain + COVID = Misery.” But participants scored the workshop high. Despite the masks and the relentless downpour, people expressed satisfaction with their experiences of the day.