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Stone Shaping Workshop: “Pretty comprehensive for an intro course”

We added the September 10 Intro to Stone Shaping workshop to our 2022 in response to a request. Very nice that you found the date convenient and the content useful! Collectively you identify as enthusiasts. Indeed! You brought experience with retaining walls, wall repair, a barn foundation. You have a lot of coursework behind you and quite a lot ahead!

Looks like you went home feeling a high degree of confidence that you can build on what you learned. You can give reasons for shaping stone, describe various methods, create a safe workspace, and keep your tools in good condition. You’d like to know more about the differences among varieties of stone and how to choose a suitable method for a given stone. As you continue to practice you will surely gather and glean answers to the questions you have. Please feel free to send questions. We’ll do our best to get answers for you.

Many thanks for making the trip to the Stone Trust training site at the Vermont Granite Museum in Barre, Vermont. For some of you it is very close. For others a bit of a hike.

Thanks, too, to Jordan Keyes for facilitating a well-organized workshop and to Pete Ryder and Jake McArdle for coming to share what they know. Waller-teachers are in the process of mastering two art forms, dry stone walling and teaching. Not a small feat!