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Take a peek at the Spring 2018 Stonechat booklet

We just received the Spring 2018 issue of the Stonechat magazine! This publication from the DSWA-Wales has informative articles and lots of color photos. Stonechat is a new benefit for all Stone Trust members and a copy of this latest edition is already in the mail to them. If you’re not a member yet, sign up and receive both this issue of Stonechat and the prior one.

Enjoy these articles:

Sticks and Stones and Fireplaces by design:
Landscaping, split granite, fieldstone, fireplaces and more.

Gualala: Grating and Creating:
Thoughts on the Art of Collaboration (part 2)

The Building of Fishrock Watchtower, Gualala:
The building of a an Irish Tower ‘folly’

Finding Myself (You may ask yourself, ‘Well how did he get here?’):
David Wilson talks about his development, art, craft, creativity, stone and making
stonework relevant today, not just a thing of the past.

Stone is the Storyteller – The Long Barrow at All Canning’s Wiltshire:
The creation of a modern longbarrow constructed as a repository for cremation ashes.

Nature, Creative and Artistic:
Nature as an inspiration for stonework.

Masterclass: Fat Tony and the Art of Coursing: Part 2:
A look at the use of vertical stones in coursing why they occur, the problems they solve and those they create.

Check out the sample pages below. Click on the picture to see more.

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