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The Stonechat booklet – a new benefit for members!

The Stonechat magazine, a publication from the DSWA-Wales with great color photos, is a new benefit for all Stone Trust members. If you’re not a member yet, sign up and we’ll happily mail you this booklet.  We are starting off with this issue from Fall 2017.  The Spring 2018 issue will be coming soon, and a fall 2018 is expected as well.

We find the quality of content in Stonechat to be top of the line!  This 44 page issue is something that will inform and inspire all stoneworkers and wallers.  Become a member now to get your Stonechat Issues!

This issue features these articles:

Creativity: Putting the esoteric world of the creative process into words.
Artistic Stonework: Is there a difference between “Artistic” and “Creative”?  (See sample pages.)
Photo Competition: Photos of Welsh walls.
Gualala: Grating and Creating
The Druids’ Temple & Other Stonework
Egg and Fruit Walling: Stone Garden cairns built to resemble birds’ eggs and fruit. (See sample pages.)
Masterclass: Fat Tony and the Art of Coursing.

Check out the sample pages below…

Stonechat: Artistic Stonework
Stonechat: Egg & Fruit Walling