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Contact Information

Company Name: Stoneyard
Address: 265 Foster St, Littleton, MA
Phone: 978-742-9800

Business Information

Business Tag Line:  New England Thin Veneer

Typical Project Size:  1,000 – 10,000 square feet of thin veneer

Business Description:    Manufacturer of thin veneer and reseller of the finest masonry materials. We specialize in crafting all natural, REAL Thin Stone Veneer, providing the highest quality natural stone and masonry building supplies for your project.

Services & Products

Stoneyard has large quantities of wallstone and flagging in stock.  

They deliver & ship thin veneer and masonry materials.

Typical Delivery Area

New England

Further Delivery and Shipping?

We ship stone nationwide.

Places Within Primary Delivery Area:

We deliver in New England and ship stone nationwide.

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