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Your support helps advance a craft rooted in millennia of tradition. Since 2010 the Stone Trust has offered training that helps you preserve the stone work that is part of our shared cultural heritage. What you learn from Stone Trust waller-teachers allows you to build ecological resilience into the landscape. When you apply what you learn professionally and when you purchase professional services, you generate livelihoods that support the communities where you live.

In 2021, the Stone Trust extended training to four new training sites, in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. As in Vermont, training in this classic construction method encourages economic growth through job training and low-impact tourism. With your help, the Stone Trust can fund travel for waller-teachers to help build the walling community near you.

In 2021, twenty-four waller teachers traveled to ensure that the highest-quality instruction was available to you. Many of them donate their travel expenses. Many cannot. Travel adds $250 to $1000 to each instructor day. The Stone Trust is committed to keeping workshops as affordable as possible. Please help fund travel expenses, while we build a community of waller-teachers near you.


Financial contributions go a long way to support the preservation and construction of dry stone walls as well as the art the craft of walling, both nationally and internationally.

Every dollar really can make a difference.

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  In response to your gift, you will receive an acknowledgment to use for tax return purposes.

You can choose to make any donation amount below.

If you choose to contribute by mail, checks can be made out to:
The Stone Trust
707 Kipling Road
Dummerston, VT 05301

Thank You!




In-kind contributions

When you give your professional skill or expertise, or when your business reduces the cost of products, we acknowledge your contribution as an In-kind gift.

Volunteer your time

As the Stone Trust’s programs and activities expand, we welcome you to give a bit of your time.  Contact us at or 802-952-8600 for more information.

Donate Material

The Stone Trust is always in need of more stone for training courses and certification tests to use. To donate stone to any of the Stone Trust Training sites, please contact us at or 802-952-8600.

Planned gifts

Your long term commitment to The Stone Trust is an investment in both the future and the past. As we all seek to preserve connections–to history, to the land, to the promise of the future–planned gifts can secure legacies that will stand, like well-built walls, for many years to come.

The Stone Trust is registered as a non-profit organization in the State of Vermont. The Stone Trust is a registered 501(c)(3) with United State Internal Revenue Service. All donations made to The Stone Trust are therefore tax-deductible to the extent allowed under the law.

To inquire about special giving opportunities, including endowed funds, named scholarships, matching gifts, planned giving, and more, please contact Executive Director Amy-Louise Pfeffer at 802-952-8600 or