Kondo Koyasuke 1-5/8″ Hammer


1-5/8″ Carbide Tipped Hammer Hand Forged In Japan

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1-5/8″ Square Tipped Carbide Hammer.

This square tipped tool used for trimming stone. This hammer is designed to be set on a stone and then the back is struck by another hammer of similar weight. (NOT for swinging and striking stone). Ideal for trimming and rock facing stone. The carbide is brazed into a socket in the handle, protecting the brass from being damaged, making the tool last longer.

Hand forged by the blacksmith Kondo in Aichi, Japan.

The hammer head is 5 1/2” long, and about 1 3/4” across. The carbide is 1 5/8” wide, and the handle is 14” long.

This tool is hand made and there are slight variations.

Very difficult to get in North America.

This is a specialized stone working tool intended for professionals.

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Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 5.5 × 1.75 in

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