Professional Walling Set


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A Professional Waller’s arsenal of carbide and steel tools


This massive tool set gives you all the hammers and chisels frequently used by professional wallers.

• Quarry Buster (HQB12)
• 4lb Vertical Stone Buster (HSB4CT/V)
• 4lb Horizontal Stone Buster (HSB4CT/H)
• 3lb Hand Hammer (HCH3OE)
• Carbide Trimming hammer (HTH212CT/V)
• Rock Pick (HRP24BTH)
• Hand Point (PKM25),
• Mason Chipper (CHOM1112)
• Tracer Chisel (RIM38-R)
• Two sets of line pins (WALLPIN_SET)

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Weight 37.25 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 9 × 8 in

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