Stone Wall Secrets


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A delightful children’s book by Kristine and Robert Thorson and Illustrated by Gustav Moore. 44 pages with beautiful full color illustrations.

Describes the history of stone and walls in New England with glowing warmth.  A wonderful gift.

ISBN 978-0-88448-229-1

What can the rocks in old stone walls tell us about how the earth’s crust was shaped, melted by volcanoes, carved by glaciers, and worn by weather? And what can they tell us about earlier people on the land and the first settlers? As Adam and his grandfather work together to repair the family farm’s old stone walls, Adam learns how fascinating geology can be, and how the everyday landscape provides intriguing clues to the past.

Stone Wall Secrets also shows positive family dynamics between different generations and different races in an adoptive family. Gus Moore’s richly detailed paintings are the perfect complement to a story full of imagery and wonder. Color throughout

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