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Stringlines: Thoughts from Our Board President

At first snow I get the question; so what do you do in the winter anyway?   Some wallers persist through the season.  Tents and heaters and a happy face they say!  I am not so inclined.

You would think that means I have spare time on my hands but such is not the case. All of the tasks deferred this summer are waiting and some new ones as well.  Tool maintenance needs to be done while the memory of issues is fresh. Taxes are coming up so the office beckons. That website I keep pushing off really should be published. Oh, and did I mention the honey-do list…

So it goes for the business of the Stone Trust as well.  While our event calendar for the year is nearly closed, 2020 looms in front of us.  Planning and pulling off our ambitious plans for the year requires that we put our nose to the grindstone more than ever!  In addition to our usual action packed workshop calendar we will be celebrating ten years of The Stone Trust in a celebration around Memorial Day weekend. Workshops, presentations, and spending time on a wall with old friends is on the menu. After many inquiries from you, we have scheduled our first winter workshops this December. We are excited to see how these go and as always, are happy to hear your feedback.

Fortunately for The Stone Trust we made a significant addition to our team. Amy-Louise Pfeffer is on the job as Executive Director. Amy-Louise comes to us with significant non-profit experience and an abiding interest in sustainability.  She also brings an infectious team spirit and passion for our mission. Her first month on the job is behind us and I am excited to see where she helps take us.

It has truly been a busy and productive year for The Stone Trust.  So many of you have taken a workshop or visited this year.  As we contemplate our tenth year of existence, we are excited and hopeful about continuing to spread our love and appreciation for dry stone walls.  New initiatives are in the works to bring dry stone walling to new audiences including youth, job retraining, and locations outside New England.

Your support is instrumental in making these initiatives come to fruition.  There are many ways you can help; become a member, volunteer, take a workshop, or pursue certification. Our annual fundraising appeal is in the mail. Please take a moment to consider making a donation!

Thank You!
Pete Ryder