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Stringlines: Thoughts from Pete Ryder, Board President

There are as many ways to build great stone walls as there are colors in the rainbow. From lacy singles in the Aran Islands to squat bulky consumption walls in New England. Loosely stacked round glacial outwash to the incredible joinery of the Incas. Two-tiered Galloway walls to the fascinating geometric patterns of Majorcan walls….

One thing they all have in common is a great foundation. Solid stones, laid with care and purpose, that everything else is built on.  The foundation lays out the plan for the wall and defines what is possible. It sits on a firm base and quietly supports the structure we see.

In my role as Board President, I am privileged to work with a Board of Directors that are the foundation for The Stone Trust.  Our base is the founders and all of those board members that preceded us, for whom I am grateful.

Board members volunteer there time and skills to guide The Trust. All of them are motivated by the magical attraction of stone in their lives and their support for our mission. By joining the board they have each made a significant commitment to help us preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling. Please join me in welcoming our six new board members to The Stone Trust; David Brown, Edward Marrinan, Dan Morales-Walsh, Duncan Murphy, Dan Petersen, and Paul Peterson. They represent multiple facets of The Stone Trust community. They bring energy, new skills and expertise to our team.

The Stone Trust has grown considerably over the past five years. That growth has manifested in the type of workshops, the number of people served, and multiple new workshop locations. As we enter our second decade of existence we are looking forward to finding new ways to inform the public, teach the enthusiast, and support the profession.

Back to my wall analogy for a moment. If you are reading this note, then you are the material that The Stone Trust is built from. As with all of those walls mentioned in the first paragraph, material dictates how the wall is built and what it looks like. Let us know how we can better serve you!