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Stringlines: NH wall map

Its a sunny warm day near the end of January. While the leaves are off of the trees, now is a good time to find hidden walls not usually visible in the summer. My wife wishes I would pay more attention to the road while driving but stone just grabs my attention.

Last week this old bridge abutment caught my eye. There is just enough evidence to still make out the tracks of an old road on the other side of the river. I have some detective work to do to find out the lineage of this artifact. The other side was either washed away or long since repurposed by a thrifty yankee looking for foundation stone.

For those of us in NH there is a nifty new tool to capture our communal knowledge of these old stone structures. The NH Geological Survey supported by the NH Charitable Foundation and NH GRANIT have developed a web-based tool called the “New Hampshire Stone Wall Mapper”. Follow this link to learn more about the project as well as a history of land use in New Hampshire

The idea is to crowdsource specific knowledge about the thousands of miles of stone walls in NH. Add your 2 cents at
Wherever you are, keep an eye out for that hidden gem!