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Summer workshops at Eureka Rd in Springfield VT

We have had a few questions about what the stone will be like at our Eureka Rd. Training Site in Springfield VT. Workshop preparation work started yesterday, so now that we have done some clearing you can get a sense of the stone in the photos and video below.

The stone tends to be a mix of tumbled granite glacial till, along with some pieces of the local ledge which is a mix angular shapes with occasional flat ones. Most of the stone is reasonably shape-able, so will will have some hammers out at the workshops.

The Workshop Preparation:

We have a site preparation workshop on Friday June 23, but we want to be sure we are set up for an excellent workshop experience. Running weed-wackers, and pulling up brambles are certainly part of old wall repair, but we don’t think you need a workshop to that, so we are doing it in advance. This particular section of wall looks to have once been a stacked wall, though hastily built. In the several hundred years of subsequent farming in the adjacent fields yielded more and more stones that were randomly placed by or on the wall. Many of these were large, and moved with equipment. This resulted in lots of dirt being mixed in with the stone yielding a great place for invasive plants to grow. The ‘wall’ had become a 10 ft wide linear pile of stones mixed with soil and debris.

This ‘wall’ also had a large number of boulders of various sizes, which is common for New England walls in many areas. But running equipment to move them during a workshop doesn’t make for a great workshop experience. It is noisy and tends to lead to a lot of standing around watching time. So we spent some time pulling out lots of the big boulders ahead of time. We will continue to do some more of that too in the lead up to the workshop. Don’t worry though, there will still be plenty of site prep to do for the Friday workshop. We will be setting up batter frames, sorting stones for building and doing lots of feather and wedging to break up some of those big granite boulders for cheek end stones, through stones, and more!

On Saturday and Sunday we will be rebuilding the wall, to a better condition than it has ever been before. You will be amazed what we can do with these irregular shapes. The June 24-45 wall building workshop has just 2 spaces left. And the July 15-16 is filling up too. For the full walling experience make sure to sign up for both the Friday site prep workshop (June 23 or July 14) as well as the two day wall building workshop (June 24-25 or July 15-16).

If you have already taken a workshop, a site prep workshop is a great follow up course to take independently too. They are very reasonably priced at just $200. The 2 day weekend building courses are $360. Don’t forget: Members get 10% off, so sign up today!

See the workshop site preperations!