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Ready for Test Day! After August’s Test Prep Workshop

“Today five wallers pushed themselves on practice tests, seeing what they were capable of building in seven hours. Everybody showed significant improvement over the course of the day, a product of both their great questions and the practice they were getting. They should all be very proud of the work they did today,” so reflected Stone Trust instructor Ben Sandri.

As for all of you test candidates, you say that you learned strategies and can build more efficiently. You know what to do to meet the criteria within the time limit. Wisely, you wonder about how successful you will be at using what you know to finish on time. When you take up the challenge on Fall Test Day, September 23, please know that all of us are rooting for you.

Whatever the outcome, we can all keep in mind what a Spring Test Day Level 1 Waller candidate said, “I learn something from every stone I touch.” That’s what keeps us going!

Thanks to all of you for coming to advance your understanding of the art and craft of dry stone walling. And thanks to Jamie Masefield, Ben Sandri, and Michael Weitzner for sharing what they know.

You can peruse the Dry Stone Walling Association Certification Pathway here.