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Prepping for Spring Test Day

The Test Prep workshop on May 14 brought five men, four of whom work as professionals in hardscape/landscape and have done so for many years. The fifth has been immersing himself in learning to build with dry stone as an extension to his professional life as an architect.

Instructors Martin Beevers and Dan Morales- Walsh shared strategies for meeting the test criteria within the given time. As with any test, a key factor leading to success is a candidate’s ability to plan an approach to passing the test.

Congratulations to the three men who went on to take the Dry Stone Walling Association Level 1 Initial Certification test on Monday May 17. All three passed!

We expect the other two men back in September for Level 1 and Level 2 Professional certification tests. Plenty of time to take what they learned about building efficiently to meet the criteria between now and then.