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Everyone Feels Ready! Test Prep Workshop: Sept. 11, 2021 (VT)

Four people came to Saturday’s Test Prep workshop, taught by Jamie Masefield,  to be sure they are ready to pass the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain Level 1 Initial Waller certification test, coming up next week. This group includes those who engaged in their first walling workshop in 2021 and have been “bitten by the bug.” One participated in August’s 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling, in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire. Another started with April’s Women’s Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and then headed to Tennessee for June’s 2-Day Cheek Rebuild! She is a career-changer and working hard to master what she needs to know. The Level-1 test-preppers also included a woman who learned to build with stone at her father’s side and a man who brings experience in dry stone walling and sculpture. May the sun shine at just the right temperature on all of you during next weeks test days!

An experienced professional waller also came up to the Stone Trust Center to be sure he is ready for his Level 2 test. Bringing life-long experience, having learned dry stone walling with his father in El Salvador, he wants to ensure that he will leap the Level 2 hurdle. The level 2 test focuses on the vertical wall end; it is considered a significant challenge among certified Professional Wallers (DSWA Level 2 certified). This candidate earned his Level 1 Initial Waller certification at a Contractors Intensive workshop this past spring.

Many people pursuing certification bring considerable walling experience to test day. Data show that taking the Test Prep workshop ensures a higher likelihood of passing the Level 2 exam; it pays to know the test. It also helps to get tips on building efficiently; in order to pass you need to finish in the allotted time. Between the workshop and test day, each participant can reflect on the feedback they received from Master Craftsman and Examiner Brian Post.

Everyone who practiced on Saturday reported understanding the test criteria. They say they believe they can complete their test stints in time. They have learned to build more efficiently. Seventy-five percent feel absolutely confident they are ready to pass their tests. The remaining 25% feel a great deal of confidence in their readiness.

Wishing you all the best your test day, Thursday September 23 or Friday September 25! People keep asking, “Is it okay to come and watch?” Absolutely! Test days feel like a very serious and quiet festival.