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Thank you to our 2018 Annual Appeal Contributors!

With gratitude for all our donors who made our 2018 Annual Appeal a great success! Due to your generosity we raised nearly $19,000, an increase of 20% over last year and the most we’ve ever raised!!

These funds will help The Stone Trust to continue to grow and fulfill our mission!  Thank you!

We are looking forward to offering several new workshops this year and
to expanding workshop locations in 2019.

We couldn’t do it without your support!

Thank you!

Thank you to our contributors!

Your donations are vital to our continued fulfillment of our mission to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.

Capstone Contributions ($1,000 – $2499)

Loring & Susan Catlin
Brian Dade
Evelyn & Robert Doran

Daniel Peterson
Brian Post
Sean Roach

Pete Ryder
Richard & Alice Thall

Second Course ($500 – $999)

Bruce & Catie Berg
Sidney Craven

Judith Rand
Betty Ryder

Windham Foundation

Thoughstone ($250 – $499)

Rita & Tom Bodett
Brian Duffy
Kim Hopper

Andras Lazar
Jim Mitchell
Chris Tanguay

Nick & Joan Thorndike
Phil & Marcia Steckler
The Tyson Family

First Course ($100 – $249)

Russell Autrey
Sherrie Bassignani
Gerard Caporale
Larry & Marilyn Cassidy
Richard & Martha Dale
Zon Eastes
Gregory Farmer
Bill & Suzanne Flynt
Christopher Grinnell

Steve Jonas & Julie Moir  Messervy
Mark Jurus
Karl Kaufman
Robert Krusewski
William Lenker
Evie Lovett & Jeff Shumlin
Sharon Luciane
Monica Maron
Richard & Tracy Mcnally
Edward Marrinan

Bill Mckim & Cheryl Wilfong
Jeffrey Morse
Philip O’Donnell
Michael Papile
Melissa Post
Rhumdoul Rom
Louis Salza
Alberta Mae Schechtman
Nancy Wadopian
Janet Wallstein & Jane Dewey
Dave & Sarah Witter

Friend ($25 – $99)

Andrew Adam
Bill Bancroft
Sean Callahan
Nicholas Chesla
Dario & Rebecca Coletta
Martin Defilippo
Mari Derhohannesian
Anthony DiPrizio
Barbara & John Evans
Bo Foard & Melany Kahn

Leslie Glynn
Sandra & Bobbie Jean Hamm
Thomas Hilsden & Mara Williams
TK Kennedy
Tom Kirschner
Nels Kloster
Hunt Leigh
Sarma Liepins
Alison Macrae & Bill Murray
Michael Santilli

Dan and Frieda Post
Susanna Prull
Anne Rider & Rob Hinrichs
Jennifer Robinson
Jeff Sargent
Nancy Shepherd
Theresa Spear
Marty Spencer
Marvin Wooten