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Thank you to our Annual Appeal Contributors!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our annual appeal.  Because of your contributions, we met our goal of raising the $7000 need for matching grant to further expand the Masters Features Park.  We also have an good start on our scholarship fund, with enough for several scholarships, and we look forward to continuing to raise additional funds for this throughout the year.  Overall this was our biggest return ever for an annual appeal, both in terms of numbers of donors and total value.

Compared to last year, we had:

  • More than double the number of individual contributions
  • We raised 25% more than last year

We are looking forward to great things to come in 2017.  Thank you for your support


Thank you to our contributors!

Your donations are vital to our continued fulfillment of our mission to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.

Capstone Contributions ($1,000 – $2499)

Robert Doran

Loring and Susan Catlin


Second Course ($500 – $999)

Trow and Holden

Thoughstone ($250 – $499)

Pete Olsen

Chris Tanguay

Elsa and Barry Waxman

Robert Faraone

The Windham Foundation

Jim Kelsey

Brian Post

First Course ($100 – $249)

Bill  McKim & Cheryl  Wilfong

Bill and Suzanne Flynt

Brian Duffy

Curtis Gray

Daniel Snow and Elin Waagen


Evie Lovett & Jeff Shumlin

Gregory Farmer

Janet Wallenstein and Jane Dewey

Jim Adams

Karl Kaufman

Larry Wood

Nick and Joan Thorndike

Potter Stewart

Sherrie Bassignani

Susan Kennedy Zeller

Thayer Thomlinson & Amit Sharma

Thomas Fitton

Zon Eastes

Friend ($25 – $99)

Anne Rider and Rob Hinrichs

Andras Lazar

Andrew Adam

Barbara and John Evans

Dale and Eric Morse

Dario Coletta

Debin Bruce

Mark Billian

Priscilla & David Cotton

Richard Cantor

Robert Krusewski

Robert Wang

Sarma Liepins

Stanley Mayer