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The Garfinny Bridge

~ by Brian Post ~

While over in Ireland in the beginning of February, Kenneth Curran of the Dry Stone Walling Association of Ireland suggested I check out the Garfinny Bridge, a historic dry stone structure.  Arched stone bridges are seemingly everywhere in Ireland, but they are nearly aways mortared.  This bridge reportedly dates back to before 1580, though some repair and rebuilding has apparently been done since.  

When I visited the bridge it was under restoration, making it difficult to get good photos.  While quite a tall arch it is also quite narrow, about 4 ft between the walls.

Most unusually, the springers are also corbeled to overhang the abutments on both sides. It was unclear when I was there if much of the bridge had just be rebuilt or if less intensive work was being done.  Either way there was some flattening of the arch suggesting movement or structural problems.

It is notably difficult to find without a very detailed map.  But also well worth the adventure.  I hope to return someday when the conservation work is done.