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The One With Brian Post of The Stone Trust

Good day and welcome to another edition of The Game of Stone Podcast!

We are super excited about this one because we open up the new schedule of stonewalling workshops now released by The Stone Trust.

To get a full look at what opportunities there are, we caught up with the executive director of the nonprofit, Brian Post.

Listen in as he shares with us:

The results of surveys that helped shape the programming
New programming never offered before by the Stone Trust
The best place to begin your training if you are new to the organization
The specialty workshops offered that are for specific features
Certification schedules and plans for 2018
You can get the schedule and reserve your spot in the workshops next year by clicking here:

The year of 2018 will slip away before you know it if you don’t create plans.

As we close out one more time around our glorious Sun, make your commitment to living life the way you want to and keep playing The Game of Stone!

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