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Time on the Wall via Historic Restoration: Antrim Grange # 98

Championed by Professional Member and Stone Trust Instructor Andras Lazar, with support from fellow waller Pete Ryder, the two-week volunteer effort in Antrim was a big success. We went from two thirds of the foundation down, to nearly three full courses. That’s about 100 ton of stone!
The Antrim Grange Hall was previously the Antrim Meetinghouse built in the 1780’s. The foundation is being rebuilt but the first part of the project is this massive retaining wall on the north and west sides of the building. Please read about the project’s origins and trajectory in this article from Hearting: The Annual Journal of the Stone Trust, 2021.
Work is continuing on the retaining wall this fall as the excavated earth bank needs to be stabilized before spring. Interested volunteers can get in touch through the Stone Trust. Please email