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For Your Convenience, Packs & Sets

If you’re new to walling and wondering what information resources and tools would be the most useful, the Beginner’s Walling Pack (above) from our online store might be just the thing. Basic and affordable, it has the essentials to get you started in the world of dry stacked stone walling.

The Stone Trust’s online store offers a wide assortment of curated tools and  books with all levels of wallers in mind. To make your purchasing decisions easier, Brian Post, our Program Development Director, has thoughtfully bundled tools and/or books that work well together into various packs. To view all the packs, go to the online store and click on the “Bundles & Packs” category on the right.

You’ll find Carbide Chisel packs (Rebit or Trow & Holden), book packs on a variety of topics and Stone Buster sets to name a few.  Another benefit of buying a pack is that the cost of the bundled items is always less than buying them individually. If you’re a Member of The Stone Trust then you can apply your 10% discount on top of the already discounted price. All orders ship within a day or two.

How-To Book Pack