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Tool Guide: Batterboards, String Lines and Guides

Having good batter frames and guides makes it possible to stay on track and build efficiently.   As with any project much of the construction set up and methods used were site and project specific and need to be considered carefully when adapting to other sites.

These versatile batter boards allow you to quickly set up for virtually any dimension wall. Use 2 pieces of 5/8” rebar with each board. The boards allow cap widths from 12” to 20”, and wider by placing the board higher. The groves securely lock the rebar in place and prevent the frame from racking while maintaining a 1:6 batter. Made of rot resistant white oak and coated with an oil finish these batter boards will stay with you for years. There is nothing faster to set up or better than this on the market. The upfront cost of these boards is quickly made up by eliminating the need to keep running to the store for more strapping or other batter frame materials.

Exclusively at the Stone Trust!
Custom designed and made by Seth Harris (DSWA-GB Level III and Instructor) of Foxchair Mountain Craftsman.

For most work you want at least 2 boards, 3 is great when doing long runs of wall. 4 are needed for a right angle.
A set of three is recommended for most walling jobs.

This video shows the results that can be achieved from good batter board usage.

Line pins are one of the few tools traditional wallers have always used. Line Pins sets are either wedged between stones in a wall or hammered into the ground. The mason line is then wound around batter frames.

This set comes with 2 pins and 30’ of top quality mason line and are ideal for rebuild and repair jobs, as well as being great for new construction.

It is typical to use two sets at once, one for each side of the wall. Once you get used to having them you can’t build without them.

Stringline is also a first tool used by wallers and is remains one of the most important ones.  Rose Super Tough Mason Line has been selected because it is the toughest mason line available. Available in highly visible safety orange for safe work and ease of use. This stringline will not fray when cut, or sag in the dew over night. Rugged and tough, it rarely breaks when pinched between rocks. This high friction line holds basic knots easily.