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Tool Guide: Choosing a Hammer: The Hammer Point

It may be that you already have a pair of stone busters  in your tool chest. Though the Trow & Holden 2lb Hammer Point Hammers work with the same principal, this hammer has another strong suit. The hammer point’s round point is ideal for removing high spots, and again keeps your hand out of harms way when striking.

This hammer point is similar in use to Stone Busters–but the Carbide Hammer Point is an effective way to rough out block or remove high spots. The hammer can be swung directly into the stone, used as a striking hammer, or held on the stone and struck by another dual-purpose or striking hammer of comparable weight, allowing for both precision and a powerful blow at the same time, while keeping your hands further away from stone chips and inadvertent misstrikes. Pairs well with a 2 lb Stone Buster or Hammer Set, providing the best  versatility  of the Hammer Point.


  • versatile dual-purpose hammer
  • heavy-duty carbide point
  • ideal for aggressive roughing out
  • makes quick work of removing high spots
  • 13in fiberglass handle with safety grip included