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Tool Guide: Choosing a Hammer – The Trimming Hammer

Why would you need four edges on a hammer?  This 4 carbide edged trimming hammer manufactured by Trow and Holden locally in Barre, VT has several of the same unique capabilities that more common two-sided style share. With it’s dual concave trimming faces, the hammer provides a solid tool for all types of general trimming and shaping, not to mention a high quality tool for a general use walling hammer. Like many trimming hammers, it excels at one-handed use making it faster to use than the Stone Busters in some situations.

However with each working edge, this unique 4 carbide edged trimming hammer design greatly increases durability with its two additional carbide edges.  In the end, four carbide edges equals quadruple the edge life. Less time spent on frequent sharpening and more importantly more time walling!

When edges eventually dull, turn it over on the handle for 2 more fresh edges. It works equally well for right or left hand use.

Resharpening is straightforward using small grinders with either a 6 inch or 8 inch diameter silicon carbide wheels.

On the end, the answer to why four sides may not be such a difficult question to answer after all.


  • Dual concave trimming faces
  • Unique 4 edged carbide head
  • Versatility of one handed use
  • Extended durability between sharpening
  • 16in wood handle w superior grip
  • 2-1/2 lb weight