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Tool Guide: String Lines and Guides

Having good batter frames and guides makes it possible to stay on track and build efficiently.  This video shows the results that can be achieved from good batterframe usage.  As with any project much of the construction set up and methods used were site and project specific, and need to be considered carefully when adapting to other sites.

Exclusively At The Stone Trust! 

Custom designed and made by Seth Harris (DSWA-GB Level II and Instructor) of Foxchair Mountain Craftsman. For most work you want at least 2 boards, 3 is great when doing long runs of wall. 4 are needed for a right angle.

A set of three is recommended for most walling jobs.

Basics guides are the basis of good dry stonewalling. 

The Stone Trust is offering an advanced 1-Day Workshop at our Dummerston, VT location.
To READ MORE AND REGISTER HERE: 3.40 Stringlines & Batter Frames Workshop (1 Day, Outdoor): April 24, 2022 (Dummerston, VT)

3.40 Stringlines & Batter Frames Workshop (1 Day, Outdoor): April 24, 2022 (Dummerston, VT)

Line Pins sets wedge  between stones in a wall, or hammer into the ground and then wind the line around batter frames. Line pins are one of the few tools traditional wallers always had. This set comes with 2 pins and 30’ of top quality mason line. Ideal for rebuild and repair jobs, and great for new construction to. Typical to use two sets at once, one for each side of the wall. Once you get used to having them you can’t build without them.

String is the first tool used by wallers and is still the most important one. You should have the best string which is why Rose Super Tough Mason Line has been selected – the toughest mason line available. It will not fray when cut, or sag in the dew over night. Rugged and tough, it rarely breaks when pinched between rocks. This high friction line holds basic knots easily.