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Tool Guide: Maintaining Your Stone Buster Hammers

These versatile, powerful stone buster hammers can get some very heavy use and are always up to the task.

But from time to time, replacement hammer handles are called on to maintain your stone busters.  Many of you have asked us to carry these replacement hammer handle kits and finally we’ve got them for you here!

High-quality replacement hammer handles for all Trow & Holden Stone Busters. These wood and fiberglass replacement handles are made sourced exclusively from U.S. suppliers and made from the highest grade hickory available.

Our Intro to Stone Shaping workshops provide an opportunity to get a good working  knowledge of how to use these hammers and techniques.  For a complete listing of  these workshops and registration link ,  you can look here:  Intro to Stone Shaping workshops

Registration for our complete upcoming 2023 Workshop season or perhaps working on those skills you learned from attending workshops in the next couple of months of 2022.

If you are looking to purchase our Stone Buster Hammer themselves, you can find them linked below:

One 2lb Horizontal Stone Buster and One 2lb Vertical Stone Buster

One 4lb Horizontal Stone Buster and One 4lb Vertical Stone Buster

With a Stone Buster in each hand you can quickly and precisely shape stone. When working with field stone or granite these hammers are your indispensable best friends.  Place on the stone and with the other allows precision with a powerful blow. Tends to direct break deeper into stone with less chance of it flaking off small pieces. Stone busters can also be used to strike stones or other tools with the back end.