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Tool Guide: Power Tool Blades

The Sencore 4.5″ Turbo Diamond Blade is a fast cutting diamond blade for stone. Far better than anything you will find in a local hardware store.It is used with the flush cut adapter for enhanced capabilities. Mounts on any typical 4.5″ angle grinder.

PLEASE NOTE:  It important  to always wear a proper respirator when cutting stone.

2.50 Introduction to Stone Shaping Workshop Overview

This workshop will spend the day learning about how to shape stones for use in dry stone walls. Participants will be introduced to a variety of stone types, and how to work with them. Both hand and power tools will be demonstrated and used.

The stone shaping will focus on efficient practices, learning how to look at a stone and judge how to shape it, as well as proper use and care of tools. Typical types of stone will likely include, granite, slate, local quarried schist, a mix ‘field stone,’ ‘glacial till,’ and more. Participants are encouraged to bring samples of their local stone to practice shaping, as well as any tools they would like to learn how to better use. READ MORE ABOUT STONE SHAPING AND REGISTER FOR UPCOMING WORKSHOPS :