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Training makes a great year-end business expense

Professionals who register for a 2020 workshop before January 1 can reduce their taxable income for 2019.  Landscapers, masons, and professional wallers looking to build their repertoire might consider any of three courses offered in March:

Landscapers or Masons who are have stonework experience, but little or no experience with dry stone walls or with building to the typical standards used by certified wallers would also be best placed to start with an introductory workshop. If you have already taken an introductory workshop, see Example Paths to Success.

Consider also the value of becoming certified:

  • Gives you a known standard for your quality of work
  • Provides clients with assurances of your capabilities
  • Gives you professional credentials
  • Improves your structural skills
  • Increases your speed and efficiency
  • Distinguishes you from the competition
  • Increases your earning potential

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