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A Tree is Planted (with Feather & Wedges)

When a neighbor brought Scott and his wife a beautiful crabapple tree as a living memorial for a loved one who had recently passed, they knew the perfect spot for it.

Scott started digging a hole for planting and, as often happens, he soon hit a rock. As he shoveled around it, he unearthed a very large rock right in the middle of hole. Pondering the best way to remove it, Scott figured that if he could split the rock into smaller pieces using feathers and wedges, they would be more manageable to remove. That’s when he looked online and found The Stone Trust store with its choice of three sizes of Feather & Wedges. Scott ordered 3 sets of the 5/8” size.

As soon as they arrived he got to work drilling 15 small starter holes to insert the pairs. Then he patiently got busy pounding the wedges in little by little.  Before long, a crack formed along the line of feathers & wedges and the rock split apart. Scott was then able to remove the pieces. And the tree was planted exactly where they had envisioned it.

We extend our thanks to Scott for sharing this story and great photos with us. We also extend our deep sympathies and wishes that the crabapple tree will be a lasting reminder of wonderful memories.