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Up Your Game at May’s Sphere Build Workshop!

Those of you wanting to develop your stone shaping skills, this is the workshop for you! Work with instructors Brian Post and Torben Larsen over the course of two days to split, shape, and stack slate into a five-foot diameter sphere. Come learn to stack and heart a feature whose outer-curve radius changes with every course! Join a team of wallers and cycle through the tasks that result in a true memorial to all those who have helped bring the Stone Trust into its second decade. Share the pride felt by the wallers who have constructed the Stone Trust’s Master Feature Park. Experience the art and craft of dry stone walling!

To take this course you will need to have had at least two days of prior dry stone wall courses, or be DSWA-GB Certified at any level.

Any of the following are suitable examples of prerequisites.

  1.  DSWA-GB Level I (Initial) Certification (course 2.90)
  2.  Course 2.10 Historic Wall Rebuild
  3.  Course 1.20 Two-Day Intro to Dry Stone Walling
  4.  Course  1.10 One day Intro AND Course 2.50 Intro to Stone Shaping

Register for 2.50 Intro to Stone Shaping Workshop (1-Day): April 22, 2022 (Dummerston, VT)

If you have any questions about the prerequisites, please email us at