Tear Cap Workshops


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Tear Cap Workshops is 501(3)(c) non-profit organization with the mission to unleash creativity through hands-on learning. Our facility is a former sawmill in Hiram, Maine that we are re-purposing into an artisan collective and craft school. The name “Tear Cap” comes from the  mountain peak that rises to the north above our campus; “Workshops”  refers both to the workshop space available to rent and to hands-on  workshops for educational skill building.

Last  fall, TCW purchased the 19-acre campus, and we’re slowing transforming  the 11 buildings into usable workshop space. We have 4 creative tenants  currently: a timberframer, a cabinetmaker, a mosaic glass artisan, and a  builder of small homes and campers. We have an emerging hands-on  workshop schedule: we held a stonewall building class this summer, thanks to a partnership with the Stone Trust; and woodworking classes and opportunities are coming as soon as the the Community Woodworking Shop is completed!


22 Hampshire St., Hiram, Maine, 04041, United States