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Walling in the Barn at the Stone Trust Center

Early in September, when the weather was not very cooperative, a group of wallers managed to complete a one-day introductory workshop to learn about dry stone walling in the barn at the Stone Trust Center. The foundation of Scott Farm’s 1862 barn provides space safe from the weather to practice dry stone walling skills, whether in a workshop, a practice test, or on test day. Most of the wallers present on September 9 had experienced dry stone walling informally or not at all, but you left the workshop feeling like you had gotten a good handle on  the five basic principles of dry stone walling. One of you has already signed up for his next workshop!

Wallers came from all over New England and New York to take advantage of a workshop that teaches you the basics in just one day. Some of you even signed up the week before the workshop, trying to fit training in before the winter. This is a great reminder that you can always contact us at to check on availability, even after the registration deadline.

Thank you to instructors Ben Sandri and Dario Coletta for going “above and beyond” to provide a great learning experience.