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Self-organizing made for easy, fun work at the final Women’s Intro of 2022

A great group of twelve women participated in the last Women’s 1-day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling Workshop of 2022. You came with a variety of skills and experience in related spheres–carpentry, restoration gardening, landscape architecture. Some of you are self-taught, having built or rebuilt walls on your property, and you’re looking for a solid understanding of how to build stone walls that endure.

On a weather-perfect day in a beautiful Vermont setting, you worked together to strip out and rebuild a freestanding dry stone wall. Especially wonderful was the teamwork in pairs, trios, and with the whole group! What a joy to experience the cope removal and restoration brigade–each woman lifting, carrying, placing, and returning with the next cope stone!

Thank you to everyone for coming to learn the five basics of dry stone walling. Thanks especially to waller-teacher Judy Rand for shouldering the solo instructional role.Shout out and a warm thank you to Amy-Louise Pfeffer, the Stone Trust’s Executive Director, for being on hand to assist due to co-instructor illness. Congratulations to the wallers! Great work.