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Waller of the Month: Bryce Hollingsworth

BRYCE HOLLINGSWORTH (Massachusetts) focuses his energy on the construction of dry stone projects primarily for residential clients in Western Massachusetts, but travels anywhere for the right job. He recently had the opportunity to work for two months in Australia to learn from other wallers and improve his skills. He is DSWA Level I Certified.

The image above is a half moon curved sitting wall made from Goshen and select granite pieces, 30’x 2’ high, set within a Goshen patio with a rustic stone fire pit in Amherst, MA. The wall was built using irregular coursing and melds into a ring shaped patio, creating a perfect seating area to relax around the fire.

Below is a view of fire pit and sitting wall.

Bryce is the owner of Stone Bear Hardscapes. Learn more about Bryce and Stone Bear Hardscapes..

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