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Waller of the Month: Dan Snow

DAN SNOW (Vermont), featured in The Stone Trust’s 2018 Calendar, is an art maker specializing in dry stone constructions. He has been building with stone since 1972 when he helped restore a 13th century castle in Italy. In 1986 he was an apprentice  dyker in Scotland. Snow achieved DSWA-GB Mastercraftsman in 2000. Dan’s dry stone constructions include fences, pillars, staircases, bridges, follies, grottos, and environmental sculpture. In 2001 Snow authored “In the Company of Stone.” His second book “Listening to Stone”, came out in 2008. Snow has created works and instructed workshops in a 13 states and eight countries. Dan was one of the very 1st people in North America to be certified as a Master Craftsman by the DSWA-GB, and was one of the first people to bring awareness of the DSWA-GB and waller certification to New England.

You can listen to a great audio interview with Dan Snow on our Game of Stone Podcast.

Dan was one of the founders of The Stone Trust and served on the board of directors until 2013.  He has taught many workshops and examined many tests here at The Stone Trust.  He lives in Dummerston, Vermont.

Granite Jenga. Image © Dan Snow
Pumpkin Seed. Image ©Dan Snow
The Hollow. Image © Dan Snow
The Hollow. Iamge © Dan Snow

More Images of Dan Snow’s Work

Pumpkin Seed in Winter. Image © Dan Snow
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